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Jul 14, 2012 7:00am PDT
eating disorders. tell us about this epidemic. >> there was an interesting online study done by cnn when they had a little over 1800 women acknowledge that over the last five years 8 percent of them had actually involved in some kind of purging behavior and 7% have engaged in some kind of compulsive exercise dynamic in their lives. for me, i can tell you that any given time, half to 60 percent of the population are adult women. we tend to have most people assume that it will always be teenager's that will be in treatment when in fact we have women in their '30's '40's and '50's who are just now seeking treatment. >> these are people who may have had eating disorders before or were on the cusp and were taken over, something like menopause that changes or body enough >> absolutely. as we grow older there is more of an expectation as a woman to still have an idealized body type and we all know that menopause kicks in and your metabolism slows and or body changes but somehow in our culture we are expected to fight back and oftentimes to the extreme >> what kinds of advice would you give
Jul 3, 2012 10:00pm PDT
turning days instead of having to pay them as overtime. red with cnn's chopper 2 this city's the to allow for the july fireworks this to fund- raisers. >>> the fourth of july celebration has already begun and one bay area community the knees and held its annual towards like parade tonight. dancers floats, and music acts roll down first streets. and then tomorrow the city hosts in a picnic in the park followed by fireworks. >>> to end tomorrow a is a federal holiday that support the july independence day but in san francisco they really don't care so when have to pay for parking it does not include the for the allies in monitoring holliday. any haven't smelled down your plans for tomorrow yet even had to website, we have for the allies of the july events listed in the eve of this for the july 8th. symbol of the fight for freedom faces the possibility of losing its home that is unless it starts paying at cbs five reporter kristin their shows us the main attraction at the rose rose to the river museum at and east by lawmakers says should be charged rent. >>> an independence day celebra
Jul 26, 2012 6:00pm PDT
man that led the whole operation. he told cnn that a navy seal team rehearsed this operation just like they would for any significant rate. and the admiral says there were not even sure that osama bin laden would actually be inside but he knew he had to get the 25 member navy seals team in and get them out. he said that when one of the helicopters went down he did not have time to worry about it and had to move on to plan b. and while he revealed a few new details, he was very careful not to unveil anything tactical. >> i think that when the history is written and outlined an expose on how the cia determined that osama bin laden was there, it will be one of the great intelligence operations in history. >> was the mission to capture osama bin laden or was the mission to kill osama bin laden? >> that is a great question and i'm not want to answer it. >> and he did not. so back here in the bay area, the 49ers say that they want a $30 million that is currently being held by an independent oversight board. state senator from santa clara is getting involved, offering a new bill to try a
Jul 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
she vanished in the pacific ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> cnn anchor anderson cooper has come out in an essay posted online he wrote " the fact is, i am gay ". he said that he had not been open about his sexuality for privacy concerns but now says that he recognizes the value in standing up, saying that he is happy, comfortable with himself, and proud. he had long been the subject of rumors about his sexual orientation. >> a bay area restaurant that got its name from a wayward whale is going under water. the owners of humphrey on the delta file for chapter 11 bankruptcy but jennifer shows us that the popular restaurant is not closed yet. >> is jonah could survive three days in the belly of the wilbon shouldn't this restaurant, named after well, be able to survive three decades here in the delta? >> it would be a shame if it closed. and they should not do that. but they need to make money. >> for now they're not closing but the owners recently filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, a letter provided to cbs 5 from the antioch city attorney indicates that the restaurant owners over the city $50,000 in
Jul 6, 2012 5:00pm PDT
divided over who best can handle the economy a recent cnn poll is to bring down the middle 40 percent for romney 47% for the president. um it's an honor long overdue six u.s. service members missing in vietnam since 1965 have reasonably but identified and are being returned to family members for burial don knapp on the memorial that finally brings closure to assault a man. he added sounds possible bone remains dennis jordan shows us what they found remains of his father started larry and five other crew members who perished when the gun ship went down during the vietnam war. >>> it was christmas the day before christmas 1965. and we're living with my with family or my dad was on active duty. in vietnam. now 17 years out to allow the search resumed and 47 years after the crash remains of the bodies of the crew been returned to the u.s. when the plane went down while it went down hard in the burnt periods >>> and carried a lot of ammunition. >>> yes its the termite my father and send me as they call them dragons. the player was called puff the magic dragon on a more than 50 transports a
Jul 10, 2012 6:00am PDT
subscriptions cnn's brian koula is here this could be a game changer for the magazine industry. >>> magazines if you think back to the beginning of the ipad it will be mostly about reading magazines one of the first launch partners word magazine publishers, now most of us don't think about using our ipad for magazines with think about it for web and e-mail this is a new at it is been out on and for devices now it comes to the ipad. it lets you go through an array of magazines and 410-$16 it is all you can eat as opposed to subscribe to one at a time and 30 of the most popular magazines. >>> it has been all-out card >>> to have been magazine ads before bet on that is done get this huge think like buying cable-tv you pay 1 ft. and get all these selections. >>> there are fewer magazines on zedillo but once that you want you can get incredible savings. >>> there's fortune car and driver traveler and vanity fair by a lot of big names. >>> the key is in our society we break two ways we get more into bundled pricing if you pay to your internet account u.s. access to all the internet,
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6